Podcast Episode 86 “Free Swag”

Episode 86 is in the can, we are calling it the “Free Swag Episode”! We discuss Robin Williams, *12052* Recycled Entertainment, Divergent (the movie and the book) , ditching cable and much much more! If you’re into moving pictures and UNEDITED hijinx, check out our YouTube Channel, if not wait for the podcast on our page! Oh and Omniac says don’t be a chump go like the Recycled Entertainment page!

What Is and What Is To Come!

Hey guys, the ATG gang (Chris, Bob, Omniac and Falchion) have decided to step it up a notch. To that purpose you may have noticed the site looks a little different, we are in the process of revamping completely and, because of this, some of our archived (audio) content is not currently available. I promise it will be up soon and easily accessible. If you are an Itunes subscriber you may have noticed that the most recent episodes audio is not available (only video links in YouTube) bare with us as we create a new RSS feed and Itunes link or redirect the existing link. We also plan on continuing and IMPROVING our sound AND video quality (a studio may be in the works) as well as increasing our appearances and guests.

To that end you might also see more sponsorships and/or swag on the site we hope this does not take away from your experience as this is how we are paying for all this great new stuff! As always, you say it, we play it! Let us know what you think, guide us in our changes, we want YOU to be a part of the show!

Contact Info
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Email podcast@allthingsgeek.info

So here are a few photos from #Amacon2014 last weekend, video will soon follow!