to trek or to wars, that is the question!

Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Wars vs Star Trek


So Price and I, Omniac, have been sparring back and forth lately about the merits of DC vs Marvel in the TV and cinematic universe departments ( DC for TV imo btw). Honestly, I think they are BOTH iconic companies with a lot to offer and, as I think may be the case with most geeks, I am overall happy with answering BOTH if asked for a preference.  I would have answered the same to the iconic question Star Wars vs Star Trek, at least I would have until today when I was waiting in line for a quesadilla ….

In any event, I was reminiscing on some clever comment I had made (make mine DC, yeah I said it) when it occurred to me, YES IT DOES MATTER! As geeks we all tow the same line but some stand to the left some stand to the DARK side of that line. As reluctant as we are to admit it, we all choose!

I came to the brutal realization in that quesadilla line that I already knew my answer (really I have no idea what took them so long) for me, for now and for always, the Force would be with me! Wow, heavy, I am NOT a trekkie, I am a Star Wars fanboy. I hope you understand the gravity (also a good flick) of that statement. I do not think I have ever OPENLY, consciously made that decision before. I mean, come on, Star Trek is an institution for Gods sake! It has singlehandedly defined scientific pursuit for at least the last generation and the lore alone spans more than I could ever hope to experience … BUT …


Star Wars vs Star Trek

At least I didn’t choose THIS image as the header!


Its not EPIC for me (same problem I have with Marvels TV and movies, sorry guys) the way that Star Wars is. I mean from the FIRST time I went Far, Far Away to the conversation I had at CVS with the checker (I was wearing the Trust me I’m a JEDI shirt) about our hopes for The Force Awakens just today I have been committed. I don’t care that some (usually younger) fans think Lucas ruined the franchise or are worried about Leia becoming a Disney Princess, I am in it for THE LONG HAUL. When I am feeling particularly saucy I look around and it’s the Imperial March I hear in my head and sometimes hum aloud (hopefully that’s not TMI, I cant be the only one right???).

I was THERE when it began in 1977 & I have honestly worried a time or two if I would be there when it ended (we were TOLD there would be 9 episodes) and I know many fellow fans didn’t survive the wait (moment of silence, poor one out for the fallen homies). I don’t get that level of passion when I hear about a new Star Trek movie. Don’t get mad folks, even though I do LOVE the franchise and hats off to JJ who has really come close to MAKING it feel epic to me, it isn’t at that level. So I guess, I would have to say that two roads diverged in the woods and mine ran straight to Tatooine!

I Would love to hear what franchise does it for YOU, Trek, Wars …Potter?


Star Wars vs Star Trek

I rest my case!



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